Our Products

Tentdoors are available in standard commercial 3' and 6' sizes as well as custom specifications. Mix and match solid and French doors or create a glass wall.

Tentdoors are modular; one door can be converted into a solid, glass or French-style. Each Tentdoor is compliant with all building codes and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Double-Door sets with Sidelites are available with all of the standard options and provide a very professional look at a great price.

Getting Started

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Why Tent Doors?


Tentdoors are hand-crafted from durable, anodized aluminum and are adaptable to any sized tent or frame. Our offset hinges provide flexibility, adjusting up to 1/2″ per door; while the modular four-piece design make assembly easy.


Each Tentdoor is shipped in its own custom crate for portability; and double door sets can break down to a single size for long-term storage.


Tentdoors are custom-built in single and double door sets with tempered clear glass, French style or tinted glass; as well as sidelite and glass panel options for a more dramatic look. Our friendly and experienced Tentdoors technicians are available to install or repair your event door at any site or for any circumstance.


Making custom tentdoors is what we do; and at Tentdoors we strive to provide quality products, excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

Our Clients

Our clients are some of the most recognized companies in the world. With our attention to detail, long-term commitments and top quality service, we have been able to keep these and of our thousand of past client coming back year after year. When your big event comes, around don’t just chose any tent doors, Choose the industry leader and the original Tent Doors, as the clients listed below have for over 20 years. No event is too big or too small, and every event should be the best it can be. Contact Tent Doors and ensure your event will be a success.


Here are some testimonials from our customers!


Joe Zmetra, Tents for Rent

Every door at the Greater Hartford Open was a Tentdoor. The installation is quick and easy, Tentdoors make a great appearance and they meet all codes.


Alex Kouzmanoff, Aztec Tents & Events

The dependability and high quality of Tentdoors, combined with their being lightweight, low maintenance and ADA compliant, make them perfect for our turnkey service, which includes engineering, design, manufacturing and installation of our products. The double door breaks down to the size of a single door which makes it convenient for shipping and storage.

About Us

Est. 1991

Tentdoors has been building quality tentdoors for tents and relocatable engineered structures throughout North America since 1991. Our doors have been a focal point for major events across the country, including golf tournaments, corporate villages and many high profile structures. Each of our handcrafted doors is shipped in its own custom-built crate for convenient transport and storage between uses.

Tentdoors products meet and exceed all national requirements of the Uniform Building Code (UBC), National Building Code (NBC), South Florida Building Code (SBFC) and the Building Official Code Administration (BOCA), and our designs are in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

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